Why should I be prepared?

There are many reasons you should be prepared, it could range from something as small as a family member getting hurt, all the way up to losing a job or even homeless, even a catastrophic scenario if worse comes to worst! Being prepared doesn’t make you crazy or paranoid, it just means you’re prepared for the worst to come, which is a smart thing to do, many people think local authorities will come to your rescue when a catastrophic event happens but sadly that won’t happen, they have their own families to worry about.

How do I start prepping?

Here are some basic examples you can do to start emergency prepping.  (We’re not going to write you a book here.)

Save a little money from your paycheck!
You don’t need to save up TONS of money to start prepping, you can save a dollar a day five, ten, or even twenty dollars a week from your paycheck and use it to start prepping!

Do your research!
Look around online, read books, or ask anyone at SHTF Preppers for help of course.

Start Stockpiling!
​Stockpile shelf stable foods and water, canned goods, ammo, medical and supplies for hygiene, etc. (Scroll down on the home page for a list of recommend stuff to stockpile ).

​​Get your fitness gain on!
The better shape you’re in, the better chance you have surviving a SHTF situation………If you have a bug out bag, go for a walk or jog with it on so you get use to the weight and going long distances with it.

Just like we said at the top, Research!  Buy books, start a small survival/prepping library.  Because when the lights go out,  the internet won’t be here to answer your questions.