Bug Out Cooking

We are going to go over what different methods you can use to cook when SHTF (Images will be posted down below).  These methods are for when you are bugging out to your new secure location.

Method 1
Compact Folding Wood Burning Stove is another good option, its VERY compact and can be carried anywhere!

Method 2
Esbit folding stove, this pocket sized stove is great for any bug out bag and almost any sized camping pot/pan. It is also very cheap.

Method 3
A tin can is a good way to make a small stove/grill, it will give you a decent heat output and little smoke, it can also fit in a bug out bag!
​(Caution: Children, only create this if you have a parent or an adult helping you, as you can cut yourself!)

Method 4
UCO Flatpack Grill!  This is a semi-lightweight grill, roughly the size of a laptop, it has a very high temperature output (Don’t burn your food!) Amazon Link