Buying Food

What are the best foods you should stock up on?

One of the best food due to its high level of carbohydrates and its shelf-life is Honey. Honey never goes bad and it is easy to store an amount that will last you days of energy. If you farm the honey you also get beeswax which can be used to make candles and is also edible (but does not serve any good purpose for eating). The comb/wax also has some leftover honey sometimes that can be removed while refining the honeycomb.

Another excellent type of food to stock up on is freeze dried foods. This type of food usually lasts about thirty five years and only requires hot water to cook and prepare it. Freeze dried foods lasts a little longer than dehydrated foods which can take longer to cook and lasts a few years less than the freeze dried meals.

Some foods like MRE’s are good because they last a decent amount of time however less then both freeze dried and dehydrated but doesn’t require any cooking or preparing to eat (they usually come with a heating pack so you can heat it up). MRE’s also are loaded with calories, due to them being designed for soldiers to eat them once or twice a day. They also come with snacks, candy, eating utensils, and drinks (powder) that can be consumed at anytime during the day.
​Down below is a list of foods that are good for survival, along with their shelf life and the reason why they’re effective survival foods.