When it comes to the flu, no one likes it, no one wants to catch it, the flu can be deadly especially when it comes to children and the elderly.  When SHTF you can't go to the hospital/doctor's clinic, it will no longer be around, so the most you can do is prepare for the flu.


So here are some things you can do to prep for when the flu hits (click the red text to go to the product page):

  • Avoid other people who are sneezing and or coughing
  • Soup would be a good thing to stock up on when it comes to foods
  • Liquids are a must, especially if you're sick
  • Soap or hand sanitizer so you don't get sick
  • Last but not least, Kleenex

(One last recommendation would be Face mask with an eye cover, just so no one sneezes or coughs in your face. Link)