Food Storage

​Knowing how to properly store food can have amazing effects on the amount of time that the food will stay good for. Storing food is almost as important as buying/collecting the right types of food, this is because if you store certain typed of food such as any type of meat wrong then when you try consuming it then you might get sick due to to food poisoning. Some of the most common questions with food storage may be as the following. What’s the best way to store food? How much food should I store?  Where would be the best location to store the food?

What is the best way to store food?

The best way to store food would have to be in buckets, shelves, or even bins, all of which can hold a relatively large amount of food.  They help with organization and keeping the food easily accessible.  Shelves are another easy and good way to store food because they help keep food easy to access and still easy to organize.  However they also make it easy for others to see just how much food that you or your group has.