You will never want to have garbage exposed, as that will let everyone know that you have resources.

​GARBAGE is trash that has food or anything else in it that would make attract insects, rats
and other animals. It should not be allowed to accumulate where these pests can get into it.
If garbage service is expected to resume in a few days then dry garbage should be tightly
sealed in bags or kept in tightly covered garbage cans. Liquid wastes that don’t have a lot
of fat in them can be poured out outside if kept more than 100 feet away from open bodies
of water and water wells. Liquids that do have a lot of fat should be buried to prevent
attracting flies and roaches.

If garbage service is out for more several weeks and you are unable to store it, then it
should be buried. Garbage should be buried no closer than 100 feet from open water or
water wells. Crush containers to make them smaller. Garbage must be covered by at least
eighteen inches of dirt. If burial is not possible then it will have to be burned. To burn
garbage you must use a metal barrel with holes in the bottom and a grate or screen over the
top to act as a spark arrester to prevent wildfires. Only dry garbage should be burned. Wet
garbage should be buried.