Having the correct gear in a bug-out situation is important. People who are new to prepping/survival usually get gear that only has one purpose, such as purchasing a knife for cutting, a striker for fire, and scissors for clipping cordage.  Keep in mind, this list only includes what we believe are the bare essentials.

  1. High quality backpack!

  2. Paracord! Cordage has hundreds of uses!  But what it’s most commonly used for is building shelters or pitching a tent, if you need some high quality paracord check out our sponsors and use code “SHTF” at checkout to get 10% off at or “SHTF” at to get 15% off.

  3. Flashlight Amazon Link

  4. First Aid Kit – 250 piece first aid kit Amazon Link (We recommend you build your own)

  5. Communication – Walkie Talkies Amazon Link

  6. High quality full tang survival knife

  7. Plenty of water to get you to your bug out location

  8. Emergency Food Ration Bar(s) –  Walmart Link

  9. Some kind of shelter in case your bug out location is a good distance away. (Small light tent, tarp or poncho is what we recommend) – Two person tent Walmart Link

  10. Some ways to filter/process water in case you run out. (Rainstick filter is a great option along with a sawyer filter)

  11. Ways to make fire so you can stay warm and boil water – Firestarter Amazon Link
  12. Books on how to identify edible plants