This article will be discussing a few of the ways that you can heat your home without any sort of electricity.

Making sure that your home is insulated is an easy way to keep your home warm without using any electricity. There are several spots that are best to focus on, which are:

  • Attic – Ensuring your attic is amply insulated is one of the best ways to prevent cold air from leaking into your house. Before insulating, confirm that all attic-to-home air leaks have been completely sealed. Attics are typically insulated using loose-fill or batt insulation. Loose-fill style insulating is slightly more effective than batt when properly installed.
  • Duct work – Insulating the ducts located in unconditioned spaces is vital to the efficiency of your system. The areas of your home which are usually unconditioned include garages, attics and crawl spaces. The temperatures often found in these areas can register quite a bit higher or lower than that of the conditioned air passing through the ducts. This variance in temperature will negatively impact your conditioned air due to the conductive nature of duct material. For this reason, an incorrectly insulated duct can sacrifice up to 30 percent of the energy being used to heat or cool your home. The ideal insulating style for ducts is to use rigid fiber board.
  • Foundation – The benefits associated with a properly insulated home foundation include lower heating costs, and the prevention of moisture issues and bug infestation. If your home has any below-ground rooms, those will be usually be much more comfortable as well, courtesy of a correctly insulated foundation. Tread carefully though, the cost of adding to or improving your home’s foundation insulation can be costly due to the invasive nature of the project.

The two best ways to heat your house without electricity are:

Wood stove:
If you don’t have one yet, it’s a good investment. You may be able to find a cheap, used one. It’s better than nothing. If you use it, just make sure you have proper ventilation in each room you’re using them in.

Perhaps one of the oldest methods of home heating is using a fireplace. This method is safe, provided that you allow for adequate ventilation of the room with the fireplace.

Never Leave a fire unattended

Here are a number of ways to stay cool inside your house without electricity:

Budget Friendly Options

  • Find a fabric that is good at blocking heat and put it in front of the windows
  • If it is hot in your house, opening a window can increase ventilation. However, if temperatures are extremely high (30 degrees Celsius or 90 degrees Fahrenheit) then you should not use this method. This method works better at night.
  • Due to the fact that heat rises, it’s best to sleep on the ground floor of your house
  • Shut doors to rooms that are not being used

More Expensive Options

  • If you have access to any backup generators, use them to run fans.
  • If you can afford it, solar powered air conditioning is a very good choice for cooling without electricity