There are many different kinds of knives for many for different uses, and lets not forget some brands are better then others. (Another thing to keep in mind full tang knife is usually always the best kind of knife to get, full tang means the steel goes all the way through the handle)

Here is a few good brands for example.
(Not in any specific order)

  • Buck
  • Schrade
  • Browning
  • Ka-Bar

Now to our personal favorite knives from these brands.  Here are the models and uses

  • Buck 119 – Hunting knife​ (Alabama Prepper uses the Buck 120 General which looks the same but has a longer blade, the Buck 119 is easier to cut up your hunt)
  • Schrade SCHF9N – Great knife for bushcraft and survival
  • Browning Ignite – Another great bushcraft and survival knife, also comes with a fire striker attached to the sheath. (Oakleaf Prepper uses the tan version of this knife)
  • Ka-Bar USMC – Amazing combat knife