Nuclear War

Nuclear explosions are one of the most terrifying events that a person can experience. It is extremely important to know how to survive in the event of a nuclear blast. Keep in mind, Nuclear explosions can occur with or without warning. Listed below are some tips that may help save your life in the event of a nuclear attack. Keep in mind, in the event of a nuclear war, you may have to implement these tips as a long-term strategy for survival.

Tips for surviving before and after a nuclear attack

  • Get inside and stay inside!
    • This will help you avoid radiation
    • It is also important to remove any clothing that could be contaminated by fallout
    • Wipe off and wash any unprotected skin if you were outside after the fallout radiation arrived
    • Go to the basement or the middle of the building
    • Stay inside for at least 24 hours unless directed otherwise by authorities
    • Regardless of where your family members are, make sure they do not leave unless absolutely necessary. It is better to wait to ensure that none of you are exposed to fallout, even if all of you are separated
    • Keep your pets inside
  • Stay tuned
    • Listen to updates from any available media, as they will be broadcasting official information such as when it may be safe to exit and where you should go.
    • It is important to keep battery operated and hand crack radios on hand, as these with still function after a nuclear strike.
    • Cell phone, text messaging, television, and internet services may be rendered inoperable.

Tips for surviving during a nuclear attack

  • If you are warned of an imminent attack, immediately get inside. This will protect you (to a certain extent) from the blast, heat, and radiation
  • If you are outside when a detonation occurs, take cover from the blast from anything that can protect you
  • After the shock waves pass, get inside the nearest shelter. You will have approximately 10 minutes to find a shelter
  • Be inside before the fallout arrives
  • It is safe to eat food ONLY if it is packaged. Anything that was not sealed may be unsafe for eating
  • If you are sick or injured, listen for instructions on how and where to go for medical treatment

Hazards related to nuclear explosions

  • The bright flash from the nuclear explosion can cause temporary blindness for less than a minute
  • Blast wave can cause death, injury, and structural damage
  • Radiation can damage body cells
  • Fire and heat can cause death, burn injuries, and structural damage
  • Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks can damage electrical power equipment and electronics
  • Fallout is radioactive, visible dirt and debris raining down from several miles up that can cause radiation sickness to those who are outside.