Why is power important?
Power is an important thing to have when bugging in. Power allows certain appliances to function such as a refrigerator or an electric stove/oven. When the SHTF happens power will go down either due to EMP or lack of maintenance of the power plants, this can cause people to go crazy due to the loss of everyday items such as their smartphones. This makes it important to prepare for the loss of power and/or prepare by getting stuff such as a generator, solar charger (for phones and other small devices), and anything else that creates electricity. 

Types of power devices
– Generator              – Wood gas generator (if you know how to produce wood gas in a safe manner)
– Solar charger         – Hydroelectric turbine  
– Solar panels           – Battery bank (use car batteries connected in parallel and hooked up to generator) 
– Wind turbine          – Makeshift turbojet engine (easier if you have access to HCl acid and zinc (drain cleaner and coins) to create hydrogen gas) *Joke*
– Car alternators       – Backup batteries for appliances 

What uses do these devices have?
These devices can be used to power stuff such as the house lights. This helps by allowing you to see during night. Another thing that these devices  are other appliances like the fridge, freezer, cellphones, water pumps, and etc.