Security is extremely important during SHTF situation so we are going to go over a few different ways you can protect yourself, your group (if you have one) and your belongings .

There are buzzers that can be placed along the property lines which can give you a heads up when someone is approaching. Some of these are solar powered which alleviates the need for electricity. For hours of darkness, solar powered motion lights can be very helpful by letting you see what’s surrounding your location.

In a true SHTF situation you may need to get creative in order to provide the security needed. Spiked boards hidden underground is a good example of how to greatly deter potential attackers. These would be placed under windows that would allow someone easy access to your location.

We all know that unless you’re in a vault no place is completely impenetrable. However there are steps to take that will greatly increase your chances of foiling a break in and give you ample time to react. A good way to prevent anyone from just walking into your home would be to install security barriers from the inside. With the noise and time it would take someone to get in you would be able to stop the threat and protect whom/what you’re responsible for.

(Never barricade outside ALWAYS put your barricades inside)

One of the best ways to ensure your personal security is to invest in a firearm. However this is a very personal decision and should not be taken lightly. And if you are going to invest in a firearm don’t forget the ammo you would need to stockpile. I know a few people that have purchased guns but only have 100 rounds of ammo. You should keep a lot more available and practice with the firearm you choose. Shotguns and Semi auto rifles are probably the best choices since they are much easier to teach someone else how to use. Handguns are more on the truly personal side of things and they do take practice to master. 

​These are just a few things that you can do to secure your property, but there are many more ways to keep yourself safe. Get creative!