One important medical skill to know is how to deal with a severe trauma. Trauma is a major event because if it is not handled correctly or fast enough then death is imminent; even 5 minutes can cause severe brain damage in some cases. When someone gets injured in a way that they are bleeding severely, can’t move around (such as broken legs), or gets trapped in an area with a broken bone; then it is important to know what to do and what not to do.

One thing that we cannot stress enough to have in your medical kit is quick clot. Quick clot is a hemostatic device that uses Kaolin, which is proven to accelerate natural clotting. The Kaolin will cause the blood in a wound to clot and stop the bleeding.

            “I have used quick clot before when I cut my finger with a knife and was going to the hospital, and it stopped the bleeding before we got anywhere close to the hospital” – Oakleaf Prepper.

The best kit that has the quick clot is the Adventure medical kit trauma pack (available here)

Some skills that you should know are
     -CPR: The steps for CPR are as followed
               1. Position your hands on approximately the middle of the chest
               2. Interlock your fingers
               3. It is recommended you do 30 Chest compressions about 5cm deep (2 Inches) and for children 1/3 the depth of the chest size.
               4. Open the airway by tilting the head back
               5. Give Rescue breaths

If you feel that your air is not going anywhere, there is an obstruction. First, check if you can see it by looking in the mouth, if you can see it try to get it out, if you cant you either have to force air up to push it out, or the way that is quicker and more efficient is to  cut a hole in the Trachea and a pen and take the internals out so you just have a tube, and stick that tube into the trachea, you can bypass the obstruction and force air into the lungs that way. However, IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING YOU CAN KILL SOMEONE!

​Other recommended Trauma/severe items (click item):
Roller Gauze Pressure Bandage
Butterfly closure