Water Storage

Storing water for an emergency or an SHTF situation in general is important, BUT if you do it wrong, it will not help you at all, so we are going to go over that today.

What are unsafe ways to store water?

  1. Storing water in non food grade containers can lead to disaster! 
    You NEVER store water in a non food grade container, it can make you sick, or even kill you. (depending on what was previously stored in that container.)
  2. Do not store your water in plastic, over time the plastic can leach into the water. (It won’t hurt you, but it surely will not taste very good.)

Can you stock up water in plastic bottles?
Of course you can!  Just make sure the water your buying is in BPA free water bottles, check our Water Page for our recommended brand! 

What are the best ways to store your water for long-term?

  1. Glass!  Glass is the best way to store long term water for an emergency, Glass is safe for the most part and it cannot leach to your water. (Only con to this option is that it can easily break, if you are not careful.)
  2. Water Barrels are another good option!  They come in many different sizes, such as: 15 Gallon, 35 Gallon, and even 55 gallon!