What’s Bugging in?

Bugging in is when you stay at your current location during an SHTF situation, that usually means you’re locking down in your home. You’re preparing to sit out whatever time it takes for the current situation to resolve itself or at least improve to some kind of normalcy. If this doesn’t happen you’re prepared to stay in place for the duration.  

One of the most important things you will need to do ahead of any disaster is be prepared to bug in – shelter in place. While bugging out may be necessary, and potentially advantageous, in most cases bugging in is the preferred method of survival. Bugging in requires a lot of preparation work to ensure you have everything you need to survive when SHTF. Get an idea of what you need and create a list. By knowing what you need and how to  prepare and organize will go a long way in helping you and your family move efficiently and safely when the time comes.

Below are a few items, that keeping in mind for your bug in plan, will help you understand what to expect and what it will take so survive. Understand that you should always have a back up plan in case bugging in isn’t possible or becomes too dangerous.

  1. Built-in shelter – Your shelter is already there. You’ve been living in it for a long time and it sure beats living under the stars during bad weather. It’s a lot easier to lock your doors and windows than it is that zipper on the tent. During any situation security is a huge issue and in SHTF scenarios it’s extremely important. Everything you need should already be located in you home and you don’t have to worry about transporting it somewhere else.
  2. Neighborhood Community – You already either know or are just plain familiar with all you neighbors. If someone is roaming around your neighborhood you’ll be able to tell if they belong or not. Plus you may have neighbors who have prepped themselves and it makes it easier to survive together. Both food and security can be greatly enhanced by this.
  3. Local knowledge – Knowing your neighborhood, town or city gives you an advantage. You’ll have a lot better idea of where to look for that water, food or other supplies you may need. It also helps if you do need to bug out after a period of time. You are familiar with the streets that can get you to safety.
  4. Supplies – When bugging out your limited to the amount of supplies you can carry with you until you arrive at your designated location. Even then you may be limited on what’s available. By staying put you have everything you’ve been able to put aside available in one location. Having all of your possessions at hand can really come in handy if you need to repair or build something.
  5. Being found – In a bad situation you don’t want to be found. You want to remain as invisible as possible. However, there may/will come a point that you do want to be found and your home is the first place family or friends will look for you.

When you’re bugging in, it is also important that you increase security to protect you and or your group, which also includes your valuables (Food, water, medial, etc. etc.).  If you have a group, making sure everyone is accounted for, always have weak points monitored and strongly secured. will be a big problem if it is not controlled.  Guard your house as best you can!