Wild Fire

Wild fires are some of the most unpredictable things that can ever happen. They can be started by something as simple as not properly putting out a fire, and they can have devastating consequences. Here are some simple rules to follow in order to help you survive a wild fire.

  1. Leave the area – If you wanna watch and see how the wild fires develop, then you may as well be playing Russian roulette with five chambers loaded. Wild fires are extremely unpredictable and can easily grow out of control, so you need to put as much distance between yourself and the blaze as possible
  2. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Seems simple enough, but in these situations, it is easy to get panicked and focus on something irrelevant. Therefore, you need to make sure that you’re aware of any hazards in your immediate area.
  3. Choose downhill routes, as fires travel faster uphill because of updrafts
  4. Plan ahead – You need to be aware of any possible escape routes and safe zones where you could take shelter in case a fire comes through the area. Specifically, you need to know this before a wild fire occurs.
  5. Put your life and the lives of your loved ones first. Even if your gear is about to go up in flames, RUN! You can replace your gear, but you cannot replace your life!
  6. Stay out of canyons, as they act as chimneys that will cause the fire to rise
  7. If flames are rapidly approaching, seek low ground, as heat rises. The lower you are, the safer you are.
  8. Breathe inside your clothing next to your body to prevent the inhalation of toxic gases.
  9. If there is an area that has already burned over, leaving no residual fuel to reignite, it may be a safe place. However, the temperature from the scorched earth may make the area feel like a furnace.
  10. Purchase an emergency fire shelter. This is used by firefighters when escape or putting out the fire is no longer an option. Fire shelters are highly-portable dome-shaped foil covering to hide under as the fire passes over. These shelters claim to reflect 95% of the heat. These are a bit pricey, as they go for $300-$400, but when your life is on the line, any price is worth it.